Core Group Attributes


Core Group Attributes

  • 4 countries facilities and contact points
  • Content Security Commitment and Certification
  • Reliable, Efficient and Systematic Supply Chain


                     Sydney - Australia       

                                Sydney - Australia                        Headquarter - Singapore 


                                 Shanghai - China                              Jakarta - Indonesia                  

 Quality Assurance

  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified
  • Investment in high tech quality inspection & test equipment
  • Stringent checks that surpass required standard




Service Assurance

  • Full suite of services and options
  • Excellent order turnaround time
  • Experienced technical and service staff
  • Maintain a strong working relationships with clients using a proven communication process 
  • Multi site manufacturing and network facilities
  • Single contact window to a multi-point manufacturing and delivery system
  • Business Continuity - Multi-site back-up services
  • Discworld is an independent service provider and at all times adheres to a no conflict of interest policy with its clients


Manufacturing Licenses awarded to Discworld

  • Trusted and Authorised CD licensee of Philips Koninklijke 1993
  • Authorised licensee DVD Technology:


> DVD FLLC                               > DVD Toshiba 6C1

> DVD Philips 3C1                       > DVD MPEGLA

> DVD FORUM Member