Blu-ray Authoring


Blu-ray authoring is the process of assembling source data, including text documents, images, audio and video files in an interactive format.

With blu-ray's huge storage capacity, HDMV authoring offers special Movie Mode features that includes pop-up menus, picture-in-picture, secondary audio, button animation, five primary menu effects etc, Thesenfeatures cannot be provided using standard DVD authoring.

We can even expand and enhance the interactive features by way of BD-J authoring using Java programming. This enables network and internet connectivity, creation of games, highly complex menus and many more features.

We accept various input media which include HDCAM, HDCAM-SR and HDV for authoring purposes and then encode them into H264, AVC-1 or Mpeg2 video format.

Blu-ray authoring services includes:

  • Audio and Video Encoding
  • Subtitle Encoding
  • Main and Pop-Up Menus Navigation
  • Network And Internet Connectivity
  • Improved Interactive Features
  • Audio and Video Editing


Contact us to learn more on how we can enhance the audio-visual experience of your next Blu-ray project with our special authoring features.

Copy Protection Services

Blu-ray content distribution and digital rights management are governed under Advanced Access Content System (“AACS”). The Blu-ray's copy protection schemes requires the customer's to hold a AACS Content Provider Licensee. The ID and replicator's AACS key is then sent to AACS for AACS Content Certificate processing and a BD-ROM Mark to be encoded before the completion of the stamper.

We assist customer on AACS Content Certification administration.