Glass Mastering


The Stamper is a metalised glass master used in the injection moulding process to replicate Blu-ray disc in a precise manner. Bulk-replication wears out the stamper and needs to be replaced at regular intervals. We ensure their is accurate consistency in  Stamper quality so that exactly the same discs can be produced throughout the repeated replication process.

The Stampers are made with a Glass Mastering Process commencing with a piece of optically polished flat glass. The glass is spun and coated with a polymer dye to a specific thickness. It is then baked in order to produce a piece of glass with a polymer dye film adhered to it similar to a thin plastic film.

The data grooves are cut in the polymer dye combined with DRAW (direct read after write technology). Once grooving has finished, the glass master is layered with nickel which is applied by a vacuum deposition process. The nickel conductive layer is applied to enhance electrical connectivity and facilitate the electroplating process.  The result is the production of a high quality nickel Father stamper.

Our one stop solution provides for the manufacturing of quality stampers used for the mass replication of optical discs. We provide BD Mastering for both 1 layer BD25 and 2 layers BD50.