Offset & Screen Printing


Perfect discs are then sent for label printing. This process comprises of high definition Silkscreen Printing and Photographic Offset Printing. Layers providing finest quality images which are transferred onto the CD surface and cured by UV rays.

Each individual disc is then inspected by an Inline Label and Identification Scanner to ensure that the highest quality standards are achieved.

Screen printing uses ink-blocking artwork stencils which are placed on a woven mesh to form open areas of mesh that can transfer ink into a sharp-edged image on the substrate.

A different screen stencil is required for every colour so that when a roller moves across different screen stencil, it will force different coloured ink past the threads of woven mesh in the open areas onto the substrate. This process is repeated several times one for each colour.

Offset printing splits artwork colour values into four colours: black, cyan, magenta and yellow. These colours bind to the part of the plate cylinder that contains the design element, which are then transferred onto the rubber blanket roller and in turn transferred to the single colour image onto the substrate. The disc goes through all four colours individually to produce a high resolution image.