DVD Encoding and Authoring


The first step of the replication process begins with taking the source data (in various formats) and creating a disc image on a suitable disc format. Utilising the latest equipment and technology, our professional sound and video engineers use their expertise and creative talents to provide you with the encoding and authoring specification standards you require.

We offer creative menu design with custom graphics using state-of-the-art equipment and applications.

Encoding and authoring services we provide include:

  • PAL / NTSC Encoding
  • PAL / NTSC Conversion
  • Spruce Segment Encoding
  • Still / Moving Menu Designing
  • Indexing / Chaptering
  • Picture Colour, Sharpness & Noise Adjustment
  • Multi-Language Stream
  • Subtitling up to 32 languages
  • Multi-Angle Support
  • Subtitles Translation
  • Compilation (MTV/Karaoke)
  • Swap Songs (MTV/Karaoke)
  • Multi-Channel Audio
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Dolby AC-3
  • PCM and MPE


Copy Protection Technology Services

We value our customers’ rights to secure Intellectual Property protection. We implement ISO standard security algorithms across the board to ensure impeccable security protection on all client projects. Our goal is  to protect our customers content by providing copy protection devices that will prevent or reduce digital DVD or optical disc copying or playing.

These copy protection devices include:

  • Content Scramble System (DVD-Video)
  • Analogue Copy Protection (DVD-Video)
  • SafeDisc (CD-ROM/DVD-ROM)
  • SecuRom (CD-ROM/DVD-ROM)
  • Ripguard (DVD-Video)