Glass Mastering


The Stamper is a metalised glass master to be used in injection moulding process to replicate CDs and DVDs in a precise manner. It is used in bulk-replication. The Stamper can become worn out and needs to be replaced. Allot of effort is provided to ensure consistency in quality across Stampers is essential so that exactly the same discs can be produced throughout the repeated replication process.

The Stamper is made under a Glass Mastering Process.

Glass Mastering comprises a number of stages to create a metalised glass master from which stampers are produced. Information from a master tape is transferred to the glass via Laser Beam Recording. Subsequent development, metallisation and electroforming produces a nickel Father stamper.

Our one stop solution service includes the making of quality stamper for the mass replication of optical discs. We are capable of making more than 80,000 stampers per annum at Group level from our facilities in Australia (Sydney), Singapore (HQ) and China (shanghai).