EcoDisc is a is single layered DVD, incorporating 50% less Polycarbonate.

EcoDisc features are:

  • no chemical bonder
  • 50% thinner than a standard DVD
  • 50% lighter than a standard DVD
  • flexible
  • fully recyclable
  • no toxic chemical bonder

EcoDisc is a technological revolution because it delivers everything a DVD does plus all of its obvious benifits and with a data capacity of 4.7GB!

EcoDisc is an environmental friendly product that meets our social responsibility to reduce our carbon emissions.

In addition,  the cost of production and distribution of EcoDisc products is greatly reduced making it a more attractive option for potential customers

Its time to switch to an environmentally friendly disc – the EcoDisc!            Its an ideal replacement for DVD5 and here are the reasons why:

Lesser resources consumption and waste emissions

Billions of DVDs are produced globally every year which leads to substantial demand for polycarbonate and a huge consumption of production energy.

The consumption of polycarbonate, an oil-based derivative of petrloeum has resulted in over one million tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) a year being emitted into the atmosphere, contributing to the global warming and human health issues.

The standard DVD bonder required to bond 2 layers of the disc together to form a DVD, is a non-biodegradable toxic substance that threatens the environment and contributes to human health issues.

Ecodisc does not require this bonder.

Since the innovation of EcoDisc, demand for polycarbonate and energy has been cut down by 50% and a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions has been achieved.  EcoDisc is a single layer disc and bonder is no longer required in the production process and hence the elimination of toxic chemicals in the production process.

Cost Reduction

Without compromising the disc capacity, the production process of EcoDisc requires less polycarbonate and bonder. This substantially cuts down raw materials and energy consumption therfore reducing production costs.  Ecodisc in fact helps to offset the rising unit cost of production. Due to the unpredictable global polcarbonite supply, a surge in raw material pricing has occured. EcoDisc overcomes this major issue.

EcoDisc's physical size is lighter and thinner which also helps to save on distribution costs, benefiting both the manufacturer and distributor.

No/low switching cost

EcoDisc has been proven to be as reliable in comparison to a standard DVD disc. It is compatible with all PC, MAC and DVD drives. Given its attractive features of cost reduction and eco-friendly profile, the decision to switch from standard DVD to EcoDisc is compelling. 

Other Benefits

By switching to EcoDisc, additional benifits are gained by environmental tax credit rebates and its fully recyclable.

With its relatively thin size, it is more flexible and easier for magazine publishers to insert the disc into the magazine as a covermount.

EcoDisc is lighter in weight and thinner in size which helps to reduce postal charges. In fact, already a number of major magazine publishers have switched from DVD 5 to EcoDisc for their covermount business.

Make the step up to the new Ecodisc technology

Please contact us today to discuss the EcoDisc option and how it may improve your competitive edge and bottom line