CD Multimedia Storage


CD multimedia storage caters to storing multimedia (presentations/graphics/animations etc.) in the CD. The work of storing multimedia data like digital images, audio, & video demands special attention because issues regarding size, transactional updates, querying facilities and indexing need to be handled. The work of CD multimedia storage is done by the professionals and they make relevant decisions about storage techniques & selecting the format, type, structure, & other aspects.

Attributes of CD multimedia storage:

  • The storage work is done professionally
  • The use of advanced technology ensures flawless storage that assures high compatibility with various formats. 
  • The problems of too slow (gap in the delivery) and too fast (buffering) is eliminated.
  • Special indexing structure is adopted
  • Best suited techniques for different multimedia data types (Text, Still images, Video, & Audio)
  • Appropriate Multimedia data formats (JPEG & MPEG) are selected