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One Stop Solution for your Data Storage Media Needs

Connecting millions to the world of Music, Entertainment and Information Technology, Discworld delivers optical disc storage solutions unsurpassed in quality and value.

In this ever changing technological world, Discworld has forged a successful track record which has come from paying attention to our customers requirements and successfully fulfilling their needs.

Our operation now includes a full spectrum of optical disc storage manufacturing capabilities including the devlopment of the EcoDisc and Blu-ray standards

Working hand in hand with various intellectual property agencies and government agencies, we are proud of our commitment and adherence to the protection of Intellectual Property Rights. As the first South-East Asian recipient of the Anti-Piracy Compliance Program (APCP) certification. We are also a member of the Content Delivery and Storage Association (CDSA), (formerly known as International Recording Media Association (IRMA)).

We continue today to implement the successful business practices and traditions that have enabled our rise to success.

Discworld strives to achieve high quality product standards and deliver client orders on time and on budget.

Our business is built on the values of Quality, Security and Reliability, and we take pride in our established reputation for consistency, quality and maintaining a close relationship with our many working partners.


Blu-Ray Services 2011

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new state of the art Blu-ray optical disc production plant that enables us to provide clients with commercially viable pricing.

The advent of Blu-ray disc has enabled the reality of delivering real High Definition and 3D content to consumers in the most economic way. With a much larger data storage capacity, it provides superior visual, sound quality and many more special features.

We offer cutting edge Blu-ray optical disc replication (BD 25 Single Layer and BD 50 Dual Layer) for those clients who are looking for latest technology, highest quality audio-visual and multimedia experience.

Please go to our "Blu-Ray" service menu to learn more about the full suite of services offered, so you can provide your customers with a compelling audio-visual experience.
Our services will be available in late February 2011 so please dont hesitate to enquire now about a new Blu-ray service

EcoDisc – 2010

Over the past 30 years we have always provide our customers with the latest technology solutions, highest quality audio-visual and multimedia experience. lately our customers are asking ofr for an environmentally friendly and more economical medium, without compromising its quality and reliability. We are proud to say we can fulfill this requirement
The introduction of EcoDisc ideally satisfies those customers who adhere to a  environmentally friendly policy but still maintains the quality of  product without paying a higher cost.
Please refer to our "EcoDisc" service menu to learn more about this amazing technology.  Our representatives will be glad inform you about the EcoDisc features and awnser any questions you may have.