Other Services


Customised Packaging

Optical disc packaging is meant to protect the optical disc from scratches and other types of exposure damage as well as carry carrying relevant technical and marketing information to attract buyer attention and encourage the consumer to purchase. 

A wide range of automated high-speed packaging machines pack the discs into various types of selected casings. Customised packaging is provided by our large team of experienced packers who are able to provide a 24 hours turnaround service. Depending on your requirements, we offer a suite of innovative and diverse packaging solutions that can provide you with a competitive marketing edge.

  • Jewel Case
  • DVD boxes
  • Mailers
  • Jackets
  • Digipaks
  • Software Boxes
  • Snapper Packs etc . 


Warehouse and Logistic Solutions

In addition to Pre-mastering, Encoding and Authoring*, Disc Replication, Printing and Packing processes are all done under the one-roof, Warehousing and Logistics service are also offered.

Our Sydney warehousing facility is further secured with CCTV protection and an appropriate inventory system to coordinate all stock movement in a timely fashion and assuring client inventories are maintained to the highest security level.

We have competent and experienced staff, to service your delivery needs. In addition we work with trusted courier partners to offer special delivery services and distribution.

We provide warehousing and logistical solutions that will meet the requirements of our client's quality expectations at a reasonable price.

*Pre-mastering, Encoding and Authoring services are available at our Singapore facility.

Glass Stampers

The Stamper is a metalised glass master used in the injection moulding process to replicate CDs and DVDs in a precise manner. Bulk-replication wears out the stamper and needs to be replaced at regular intervals. The Summit production team ensures consistency in quality across all Stampers so that exactly the same discs can be produced throughout the repeated replication process.

A stamper is made with a Glass Mastering Process.

Glass Mastering comprises a number of stages to create a metalised glass master from which stampers are produced. Information from a master tape is transferred to the glass via Laser Beam Recording Metallisation and electroforming then produces a nickel Father stamper.

Our one stop solution service includes the manufacturing of quality stamper for the mass replication of a client's optical disc needs. We are capable of making more than 80,000 stampers per annum at Group level from our facilities in Australia (Sydney), Singapore (HQ) and China (shanghai).

Blu-ray Glass Mastering

The Stamper is made with a Glass Mastering Process commencing with a piece of optically polished flat glass. The glass is spun and coated with a polymer dye to a specific thickness. It is then baked in order to produce a piece of glass with a polymer dye film on it, like a thin plastic film.

The data grooves are cut in the polymer dye combined with DRAW (direct read after write technology). Once grooving has finished, the glass master is layered with nickel applied by a vacuum deposition process. The nickel conductive layer is applied to enhance electrical connectivity in order to make the electroplating process work in turn producing a nickel Father stamper.

Our one stop solution service includes the manufacturing of a quality stamper for the mass replication of optical discs. We provide BD Mastering for both 1 layer BD25 and 2 layers BD50.

Non-Standard Disc

In addition to standard CDs and DVDs, we produce Non-Standard Discs on a customers' special request:

8cm CDs and DVDs

  • 8cm CDs and DVDs - 8 cm in diameter. 
  • CD singles and mini CD. 
  • 8cm DVD is known as DVD single.
  • 8cm CDs and DVDs can be played back in most DVD players that are tray loaded. However, it is not supported by most slot loading players except the PlayStation 3, which officially supports 8 cm discs.
  • Recordable 8 cm discs are commonly used in DVD-based camcorders.


Business Card CDs

  • The Business card CDs is a CD-ROM that has been cut, pressed, or moulded to the size and shape of a business card.
  • The cards are designed to have around a 50 MB data storage space. Business cards CDs are generally used for sales brochures, company information, and commercial product demos etc, The unique business card CD will catch potential customer attention. It can be mailed and given away at trade shows to prospective customers.


Designer Shaped CDs

  • CDs can be tailor-made according to your own specification
  • Display your companies brand, service and product range 
  • Ideal for:


(1) Corporate profile
(2) Product launch 
(3) Promotional campaign (4) Product catalogue (5) Limited edition